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ANN 'Burn-Hard' BARNHARDT & The Church Militant!

Ann Barnhardt with her pink semi-automatic, ready to repel any aggressive Islamists
Angered by the limp-dicked appeasers of Islam prompted this lady firebrand to speak out. Thus after Mass one Sunday she set about self-scripting then filming herself delivering a punchy articulate diatribe (shown in 2pts) on Youtube. In the first part she tears into Sen. Lindsey Graham and others who would abandon sections of the American constitution, so as not to offend (the hyper-reactionary Muslims). Ann correctly understands that by shackling our Western free-speech tradition, and not being to allowed to even criticise the obvious barbarisms of Islam is the first stage in slavery. Thus self-censorship is the fools method of voluntary Dhimmitude. Thus this 2-part video was followed up in a subsequent interview on Blog radio, wherein Ann makes it crystal clear that in no way will she suffer a female genital mutilation of the mind, and also advocates that men shouldn't lose their balls either, by prostration or by the Politically (in)correct constantly kowtowing to the demands of Muslims.

She shouts down all the deluded Marxist 'Multiculturalists' as small 'd' democrats, or the over-concillatory as small 'c' conservative republicans, plus many other species of quizling limp liberals who have already caved-in to the incessant clamouring of the Muslim hordes who always demand their rights be respected. At the very same time these Muslims trample on the rights of those of any other 'Religion' (witness the continual persecution of Coptic, Armenian, Sudanese & Nigerian Christians, as well as Jews, Hindus & Buddhists elsewhere). 

Ann Barnhardt joins many other brave women speakers like : Oriana Fallaci; Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Bat Yeor etc) in saying is time to make a stand, and to say Islam encroaches on our ancient democratic rights no further.  To emphasize how implacable her level of opposition is Ann read out about 15 abnoxious passages in the Quran (which she had humorously book-marked with strips of bacon), and ceremoniously burned them in a pyrex fire-beaker, banishing them back to Hell from whence they originated. She said that this was her own back-up of Pastor Jones' trial of the Koran for 'Crimes against Humanity', and after a jury had found it guilty it was sentenced to death and summarily burnt.

Now Ann is no mug, she knows that her video is likely to be used as an excuse for yet another 'Day of Rage' by foaming-at-the-mouth Muzzies. But lets face it almost anything from a wee cartoon to a teddy-bear called Mohammed  sends them into apoplexisms of rage, so what is new. What is new is that an increasing number of brave Americans, Europeans, Brits & Hindus are starting to stand up against this intimidation by saying NO to any more Islamic expansionism! Refusing to give up our right to free speech, Western-style democracies and the Cultural / Religious traditions that underpin them (such as Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism & Sikhism) is a fundamental stance.

It is Islam's stated objective (in the Quran) to take over the whole world by propaganda, forced conversion, or brutal slaughter, thereby creating Dar-al-Islam. Ann Barnhardt makes it clear that in her locale - that will be over her dead body. There will of course be Muslim thugs that think that will be as easy as killing the un-armed Rabbi Meir Kahane, Theo van Gough, Pim Fortun, or attempted stabbing of Kurt Westergaard & his wife (both in their 70's) - well Ann is considerably better armed and  already 'weapons hot', fully prepared to blow-away any Muslim radicals that attempt to kill her. Indeed she say "bring it on boys", as she is more than happy to take you out from 400yds with her sniper rifle; or at close quarters with her multi-action shotgun; or if they would like a woman's touch to send them on their way to the (delusional) 72 virgins then Ann will oblige with her customized pink semi-automatic with red-hearts stenciled on the mag. A final flourish would be pig-fat smeared bullets which would deliver a very haram coup-de-grace!

Oh how I love this woman's spirit!       - BAR KOKHBA

((and oh how proud generals George Patton & McArthur would have been of her resolute attack against the Quislings in the upper echelons of the US Army, as well as the hordes of a barbaric & uncultured enemy. Indeed such womanly bravery might even inspire Patton to rush out of Heaven and re-incarnate once more as a general, to brilliantly lead the Allied tanks & troops in the soon to come World War 3 (against the spread of militant Islam). For one does not need to be a Prophet to realize that after Europe slides into half a dozen small civil wars, and these wee wars join up with other on-going wars in Africa, the Middle-East & the Indonesian fringe - then they will all meld into one big World War 3 with Islamic expansionism as the primary cause, and the primary blockage to a lasting peace.))

in the meantime please watch Ann Barnhardt's videos, and listen to her passionate speeches on radio, and read her blogs at  (which started out as her buisiness website but morphed).

Here are the links to her 2-part videos on Youtube (soon I'll put up good copies)

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

GEERT WILDERS – in a 'kangaroo-court trial'

GEERT WILDERS - BEACON of HOPE yet dragged into a 'kangaroo-court style show-trial'

As there may be some people in the States & other parts of the World who have not heard of Geert Wilders (pron. Heert Vilders) – a short introduction is in order. Well he is a Dutch MP, and elected leader of the FREEDOM PARTY, which in recent opinion poles was voted the 2nd most popular party in the Nederlands. In all opinion poles Geert has been voted the most popular political leader in the Nederlands. 

So with such a decent level of public support how can he have been hauled into court and made to engage in a biased, rigged, show-trial?  Is it that he is being accused of being a crooked lying politician you know like you regularly hear of in certain European or Arab Countries?  No, the opposite, he is on trial for telling the truth, using free speech to accurately report and accurately depict in his short film FITNA – what the Islamists are up to throughout the World.

Indeed FITNA is almost 100% reportage – violent war-mongering verses from the Koran are quoted, and then illustrated with how modern-day radical Islamists put them into action. Film of Mullahs, Sheiks & Imams are accurately shown spewing forth hatred for America, Israel & all Western Nations, often quoting these very verses in support of their exhortations.

So does Mr. Wilders support such exhortations to violence, no! for he is a democratic libertarian, he has repeatedly condemned such an ideology. So he is being taken to court for daring to criticize these terrorists, and daring to show the doctrinal passages that they themselves use as a basis for their actions.

Of course Geert Wilders real 'crime' (if you can call it that) is to dare to say that he does not wish that form of violent radical Islamist ideology spreading any further throughout Europe or his own Country the Nederlands.

One must appreciate the perverse illogicality of what the appeaseniks to the terrorists are now starting to achieve. Let me give you a gauche example : if you sent a CNN tv news crew out to film a large fire set by a group of arsonists – then later after broadcasting the documentary segment of film, showing the arsonists reading passages from their manifesto, before setting the supermarket/mall on fire – the film crew were hauled off to court ! The documentary film-makers being charged with accurately showing the fire, and the arsonists reading from their manifesto. Whilst at the same time the court showed absolutely no interest in bringing the real arsonists to trial. Do you grasp how unfair, & contrary to real justice such a process would be?;  indeed is, as it is now being implemented in dozens of cases.

Now is this just accidental insanity, where the normal sense of justice has been turned on its head and the real criminals are excused as being somehow blameless, whilst the reporters or commentators on such events are the ones charged and brought to trial! Sadly not, for the United Islamic Conference has been campaigning (at the UN & elsewhere) for many years to get spineless appeasenik Governments in the West to legally persecute their own citizens for reporting the violent acts of Islamists, even 100% truthful & accurate reportage is to be penalized. Indeed the Conference wants it deemed a crime for Westerners to even discuss Islamic Ideology in case it exposes the hundreds of violent passages or those that suppress the rights of women, gays, Pagans, Jews or Christians. 

Considering how hard our fathers & grandfathers fought in WW1 & WW2 for our basic Western Dermocratic Freedoms they must be turning in their graves to see how many Western Governments are acceeding to such a craven capitualization into servitude (= Dhimmitude).  To be able to hopefully stop the spread of violent terrorism one first of all needs unshackled reportage & commentary on the reportage, then one needs to be able to call a spade a spade. One has no hope of defeating an enemy if one is not even allowed to put a name to them.  And as Jamie Glazov has recently pointed out in a couple of his books – the Obama regime is participating in this prescriptive banning of suitable labels, thus from the censored coverage of the Fort Hood incident one would never guess the underlying beliefs or ideology of the violent perpetrator!

Returning to the current (kangaroo court) trial of Geert Wilders in the Nederlands the conspiracy of loony-left socialist-appeaseniks, multiculturalists & politically-correct buffoons are sinking to new levels of skullduggery for Mr.Wilders' 18 expert witnesses scheduled to speak on his behalf have been whittled down to just 3, and even these 3 are being forced to give their testimony in secret (so the public is not allowed to hear even a small percent of these expert witnesses). As murders & rapists are regularly allowed 10-15-20 expert witnesses to speak in open court it is easy to see that he is not being given even the same legal rights as the dregs of humanity in the Nederland Court system.  The phrases 'stitch-up' and 'political show trial' spring to mind. Each country that caves into such censorship and the curtailing of Western Democratic rights should feel utterly ashamed of themselves. Their ancestors would also be ashamed of their Quisling-like leaders and cowerdice in the face of an aggressive, implacable enemy.

The only good thing that seems to be coming out of this grossly unfair trial in the Nederlands is that the worse the 'useful idiots' treat him the more support for Geert Wilders FREEDOM Party is manifest in the poles. In a recent one they were thought to be in 1st place.  For the public are starting to realize that the mess was as pervasive and pernicious as Mr. Wilders had been warning it was. Role on the next elections there and let the people have a chance to register their anger democratically over these issues.

You can do your bit by discussing the rigged kangeroo-court trial of Geert Wilders with your friends & local media. Also, and most importantly, stand up for your Western democratic right to Free Speech – do not accept any curtailments to that. Finally fight vociferously against any show-trials of any courageous spokespeople* who to dare to describe or comment upon the aggressive alien ideology that would like to conquer us and turn us into silenced, timid little subservient 2nd class citizens!

Note : *key speakers/writers like Robert Spencer, Jamie Gazov, Brigitte Gabriel, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Alan West, Bruce Bawer, Mark Stein, Paul Weston (International Free Press Society), Alan Lake, Melanie Philips, Oriana Fallaci, Coptic father Zakaria Botros, Bat Yeor, Simon Deng, Tommy Robinson, etc. etc. please consult their videoed lectures on

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ISRAEL is one of the frontline fulcrums

These are not my thoughts but those from a fairly new initiative, you might like to ponder over


Christians and Jews under attack
 The main threat to the Jewish people today is no longer physical, as it was in the past. Rather, it is directed at the legitimacy and survival of the State of Israel itself, the Jewish State. It is no longer a case of the Palestinians attempting to create a State, but of the shift in the mindset of a significant number of them from a nationalist to an Islamist cause. Israel is now under threat from radical Islam as practised by agents ranging from countries like Iran to terrorist forces such as Hizbollah in the North and Hamas in the South.

Last week there were a number of attacks in different Muslim nations against peaceful Christians. Though probably unconnected to each other, the succession of deadly attacks reveals a clear pattern: Islam today, under the influence of radical elements and fundamentalists, is not a tolerant faith and is being invoked in increasingly violent acts. In many places its radical strain is acquiring an aggressive and totalitarian nature. Thus, the recent attacks against Christians living in Muslim lands are not only the continuation of the long-established practice of harassing those who do not share the Islamic faith, but a further step in the process of religious cleansing preached by the Islamists.

The strategic significance of this pattern is obvious: for Christians, appeasement does not work. Trying to propitiate an Islam that is under the influence of radical elements is a futile enterprise that, ultimately, will prove to be counterproductive. Religious freedom is, quite simply, not part of the fundamentalist vision of what the region should look like.

Secondly, these events are another instance of the seeming impossibility of accommodating the radicals in any way, be they Islamists, Palestinians or others. Just as there are many who would like to see Israel vanish into thin air, there are many who want the Christians to move out too. The only goal of radical Islam is subjugation, not tolerance and freedom for all.

Finally, what the attacks underline is the urgent need for a new understanding between people of goodwill, both Christian and Jewish, in order to reinforce their common heritage, values, interests and future. An extremist faith cannot be countered by reason alone, but needs a good dose of faith and goodwill as well.

The Friends of Israel Initiative defends Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist as a Jewish State, and we do so from a non-Jewish perspective. We cannot remain silent about the criminal attacks against Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and elsewhere because this is all part and parcel of the same struggle, a battle between those who are civilised and those who are not. It is high time that Christians and Jews understand their common strategic interest: together we can prevail.

First Day Guarding 'the Gates'

I was originally visiting to see what new elements were to be found on 'TheGatesofVienna' blogspot with postings by Baron Bodissey, El Ingles, El Cid and other guest essayists. Sadly they seem to have disappeared, or perhaps went into retirement (as I was told this site had become 'vacant'. Anyway I'll attempt to discuss some of the pertinent issues within the restrictive guidelines. Please be patient with me and forgive me if the visual standard of the presentation is below par - but I am a novice as to how to use the customising template software, it'll take me a while to figure it out.

In a day or two I'll post some links about Geert Wilders and other prominent spokespeople!